Kokonut Network is building the infrastructure to connect web3 with Agriculture 🧑‍🌾 Eco-Friendly Regenerative Economics Vested By Mother Nature, 100% Open-Source Accounting & Immutable Blockchain Governance By Kokonut DAO


Kokonut Network provides blockchain governance and open-source accounting to the agricultural industry. Our mission is to promote, organize, fund, and manage coconut farms. We collect funds from the community through the Kokonut DAO framework for decision-making and allocating treasury funds.

Kokonut Network can establish a lifetime partnership with its members through the Kokonut DAO by using a formula of Agriculture, Blockchain, Web3, Perfect Soil, and Weather. This opportunity does not have an expiration date, as coconut trees are replanted once they stop bearing fruits.

A one-time contribution equals a lifetime of rewards and benefits.

Project Overview

Location: Las Salinas, Barahona, Dominican Republic. > https://www.google.com/maps?q=18.236413,-71.349896

Phase 1: Kokonut v1 [620 Acres of Land | 60,000 Plants | ~18,000,000 Coconuts Yearly]

DAO Contract: 0x8977c56e979f0D8B76aFB5aD85549aCd2e96422d

Protocol: DAOHaus Framework

Network Chain: Gnosis Chain

Project Category: Agriculture DAO

Project Longevity: Everlasting with Boundless Reach & Scaling

Initial Supply Kokonut V1: 60,000 Kokonut DAO shares

Kokonut DAO shares contribution: $20

Phase 1 Amount to Raise: $1,200,000 [4 years budget, ~16 years harvesting until re-planting]

Waiting Time Until First Harvest: ~3 years

DAO Shares Issuance Beyond Initial Supply: Kokonut V2 [300,000 Shares] Year ~2026

1 Coconut Plant = 1 Share in Kokonut DAO

Shareholders are eligible to receive rewards based on the size of their shares allocation. The DAO will get 100% of the coconut plantation profits, and open-source ERP for transparency.

Description & Scope

This project will benefit the entire society of the Municipality of Las Salinas, Barahona Province, Dominican Republic. The coconut plants will be planted 7.5 x 7.5 meters apart, equating to ninety-six (96) plants per acre of land, or 60,000 plants across the six hundred and twenty (620) Acres of land. This variety of coconut yields approximately three hundred (300) fruits per plant, resulting in an annual yield of 18,000,000 units. The Kokonut DAO treasury will receive 100% of the profits.

The organization seeks to create 10,663 direct and indirect jobs through investments in this project. These jobs will focus on essential agricultural tasks such as weeding, applying pesticides and fertilizers, irrigation, and harvesting.


Irrational land management is causing deforestation, endangering all the surrounding flora and fauna. There is a lack of jobs and opportunities in the municipality, high poverty levels, and low educational attainment.

Concerning the coconut market, there is a high demand in both national and international markets, yet annual domestic production fails to meet this demand.


Blockchain open data and protocols can benefit DAO members, farmers, and partners by facilitating fundraising and coordination. We also monitor fauna and flora, including endangered species.

We create job opportunities and improve quality of life. Incorporating 620 acres of land in optimal conditions into the national production system can increase annual production and reduce demand.

Revenue Streams

Coconut Net Sales — Our Kokonut v1 Plantation consists of 60,000 coconut plants, which will produce approximately 18,000,000 coconuts per year. The average wholesale price in the Dominican Republic is $0.44, which amounts to $7,920,000 per year. We are already working on connecting with transnational buyers, so we are ready to export our product and gain even more revenue.

Coconut Derivatives — Coconuts are one of the most versatile fruits on the planet. From coconut milk and oil to body cream and water, the list of uses is nearly endless. This is why coconuts are one of the most profitable fruits in the agriculture sector.

Industrialized Coconut Products — Besides just producing and selling coconuts, we are also planning to create a range of products, such as coconut milk, coconut water, coconut pulp, and beauty products. These will be available for both retail and wholesale to transnational conglomerates.


Gitcoin Grant: https://link.kokonut.network/gitcoin

Meet with us: https://link.kokonut.network/meeting

Kokonut DAO: https://link.kokonut.network/dao

Kokonut Master Plan Diagram: https://link.kokonut.network/diagram

Website: https://www.kokonut.network/

Podcast: https://link.kokonut.network/podcast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kokonutnetwork

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kokonutnetwork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KokonutNetwork

YouTube: https://link.kokonut.network/youtube

Discord: https://link.kokonut.network/discord

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