The Kokonut DAO 🥥

The DAO is the core vehicle for all fundraising, rewards distributions, and governance decisions.

Governance Facts

Dive into the Governance Mechanics for Kokonut DAO ⚙️


Moloch DAOs don't have any administrators or trusted intermediaries. All decisions are made through proposals, which are executed directly against the treasury or vaults.

Read about Kokonut DAO Migration to Moloch V3 👹

Network Chain

Kokonut DAO is deployed on Gnosis Chain, the only stable chain with backward native compatibility with DAI, the decentralized stablecoin issued by Maker DAO.


Any DAO member can choose to withdraw their stake and receive a proportional share of the Kokonut DAO treasury assets.


Contributors can enforce governance through Rage-quit, allowing them to remove their donations from Kokonut DAO at any time if they are not comfortable with its direction.


Members should leave the organization if the core team is not following the business program outlined in funding proposals.

Non-transferable tokens, which are "SoulBound" to your wallet, cannot be sold in the open market. No one can take away your ownership of Coconut Trees.


Kokonut v1 Tokens Contribution Initial Tribute $40
Total Voting Tokens 60,000 [DAO Voting Members]
Total Loot Tokens [non-voting] 90,000 [Land-Owners, Contributors, Core Team & DAO Reserve]
Transferability No, Tokens are Soul-Bound to your wallet.
Moloch DAO Tokens Cannot be sold in the open market.
Tokens Liquidity Ragequit back to the DAO Treasury.
Tokens Issuing Body Kokonut DAO Member's Proposals.


Voting Power

DAO Members have total control over the decisions; Kokonut DAO is a community-led ecosystem.

Entity Voting Power
DAO Members 99.99%
DAO Contributors 0%
Core Team 0%
DAO Summoner 0.0016%


DAOHaus & Moloch V3

Kokonut DAO is powered by Moloch DAO Framework & DAOhaus Stack 👹

Free and open, all DAOhaus code is available to read, improve, and fork.

DAOhaus is governed by shareholders, consisting of users and builders of the protocol, in other words, you.

DAOhaus provides communities the capabilities to decentrally coordinate and govern around their values and mission.

Kokonut Network Layers

Kokonut Thesis is powered by 4 Layers that aim to provide stability to the network 🧬

This layer is composed of Kokonut DAO members. They are responsible for overseeing and voting on proposals that benefit the Kokonut Network. Anyone who holds at least one Kokonut DAO token can participate in DAO governance.

This layer is where the DAO Treasury, list of token holders, funding, and membership proposals voting live securely. All the information critical for the project's transparency and longevity is publicly available on the Gnosis Chain.

After approval by Kokonut DAO members, this layer functions as the body responsible for executing the budget and work plan. It is composed of the Core Team, Kokonut DAO Contributors, and Global Enterprise Partners.

This is where the magic happens! In this layer, we bring our mission to life: building, producing, and distributing Coconuts & Derivatives products globally. Kokonut V1 is our first plantation, comprising 60,000 coconut plants across 620 acres of land, with an annual production of 18 million coconuts.

DAO Membership Tiers

Types of Memberships based on DAO Governance Tokens 🎨

Wallet with 1 Kokonut DAO Token

  • Access to Kokonut Network
  • DAO Voting
  • Lifetime Rewards
  • Kokonut Guilds
  • Proposals
  • Workspace

Wallet with 2–10 Kokonut DAO Tokens

  • Everything in Seed
  • Basic Perks
  • Custom Email Hosting
  • ERP Credentials

Wallet with 11–100 Kokonut DAO Tokens

  • Everything in Sapling
  • Blog Hosting
  • Premium Perks
  • Part-Time Contributor Qualified

Wallet with 101+ Kokonut DAO Tokens

  • Everything in Tree
  • Business Cloud Hosting
  • Full-Time Contributor Qualified
  • On-demand Core Team Meetings

How to Join Kokonut DAO

Step by Step Video Tutorials 🔢

Step 1: How to install and set up your wallet with Kokonut DAO (Desktop)

Step 2: How to connect Kokonut DAO with your Wallet (Desktop)

Step 3: How to submit your Kokonut DAO membership request (Desktop)

Cómo Unirse a Kokonut DAO

Tutoriales en vídeo Paso a Paso 🔢

Paso 1: Como Instalar & Configurar Tu Monedero Con Kokonut DAO (Desktop)

Paso 2: Como Conectar Kokonut DAO Con Tu Monedero (Desktop)

Paso 3: Cómo presentar su solicitud de afiliación a la DAO de Kokonut (Desktop)